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Comparing the different Hard Hat Cooler Models

One of our top selling product is the High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler (HVC-02).

From the front, it looks like a normal neck shade attached to your hard hat, but from the back you'll notice a black fan attached. You may think that "Oh, it's blowing air on your neck". True, but that's not it.

That fan is constantly blowing air into your hard hat to keep your head cool, releasing the heat, and lowering the temperature inside the hard hat. 100% of our users have provided us with a rating of 3 Stars or better. (80% with 4 stars or better)

Now we have three models of the HVC Hard Hat Cooler:

HVC-03U (High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler with AA Battery Box)

Reg Price: $79.00

This is our base model, and it takes 4 AA batteries to give you constant air for 8 hours on HIGH power. (1.8 gallons of air per second)

While the image shows the AA Battery pack worn on the hard hat with the included accessories, we understand some safety managers will flag that as unsafe. That is why all of our Hard Hat Coolers come with an Extension Cable that you can connect, stretching the cable to about 4 feet long. That will allow you to wear the Battery Pack on your tool belt or belt loop (comes with a clip).

We also recommend you to wear the cable underneath your outermost layer so that the cable does not dangle freely around your body. 

To go to the shopping page for the HVC-03U click here

HVC-03BL (High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler with BIG Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery)

Reg Price: $163 

This is a definite upgrade for two reasons. More air power and longer battery life.

HVC-03BL comes with LI-PRO1U, which is the same lithium ion battery used for our cooling vests. With the battery, you'll get 

12 Hours on TURBO setting (3.7 Gallons of air/sec)

16 Hours on HIGH setting (3.0 Gallons of air/sec)

24 Hours on STANDARD setting (2.2 Gallons of air/sec)

40+ Hours on LOW setting (1.5 gallons of air/sec)

As you can see, the Lithium ion battery gets more airflow even with the STANDARD setting compared to the HIGH setting for the AA. On top of that, you do not have to change out the AA Batteries since they are rechargeable. 

Our lithium ion batteries are super durable, lasting roughly around 4 to 5 years if used 5 months of the year. (700 to 1000 charges)

If you are swapping out your 4 AA's everyday, you'll be spending about $20~$30 a month. Get the rechargeable battery for more power, and savings of about $100 a year. Charging time is 6 Hours.

To go to shopping page for the HVC-03BL, click here

HVC-03L (High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler with MINI Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery)

Regular Price: $129

Special Price: $119

As mentioned above, the HVC-03BL's lithium ion battery is the same battery unit as the one for our Cooling Vest and Jackets. Many of our customers have asked us, can you make it cheaper with a smaller battery? We don't need 24 hours. 

That is why we came up with the HVC-03L with the MINI Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

Don't let the word "MINI" fool you. This has the exact same output as the LI-PRO1U. Just shorter (but enough) battery life.

6 Hours on TURBO setting (3.7 Gallons of air/sec)

8 Hours on HIGH setting (3.0 Gallons of air/sec)

12 Hours on STANDARD setting (2.2 Gallons of air/sec)

20+ Hours on LOW setting (1.5 gallons of air/sec)

7 Hours on MIX MODE (3.0~3.7 Gallons of air/sec)

The MIX MODE is a new feature that automatically shifts between TURBO and HIGH to prolong the battery life.

The battery is half the size, and only weighs around 5 ounces (9 ounces for the LI-PRO1U). And yes, as noted above with the HVC-03BL, they are good for about 4 to 5 years as well. Meaning, with the MINI Battery, you are going to really make up for the difference (in price)  within the first month or two. Charge time is 3 hours.

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Some of you have asked us about putting the HVC hard hat cooler on Baseball cap-style hard hats (half brims). It's possible, depending on your hard hat. That blog can be read HERE.