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Cooling in the heat with humidity

If you work in an environment over 85F with 70% or higher humidity, you are considered to be working in a hot/humid environment. What this means is that standard methods of cooling will not work well.


Great cooling gear for dry heat:

- Evaporative cooling vest (ones where you soak your vest/shirt every few hours)

EX: HyperKewl, Ergodyne, Polar Products

- Polyester wicking shirt (ones that absorb sweat and speed up evaporation)

EX: Under Armour, Columbia, etc

- Reactive Cooling fabrics (fabric that reacts to sweat and cools down)

EX: Arctic Cool and other wrist bands and head bands

(And of course, Zippkool Cooling Gear)

With the above products, the concept is that the sweat (or water) on the fabric vaporizes quicker, which releases your body heat. You also get a cool feeling if you get a nice wind breeze.


However, in a hot and humid environment, they will not work. Because of the humidity, moisture cannot vaporize and your shirt/vest will remain wet. Furthermore, moisture that does not get vaporize will begin to absorb the surrounding heat (from your body and surrounding temperature) and store it, causing your shirt or vest to become a "heated" clothing.

This can actually increase the risk of heat fatigue.


The only way to battle heat in humidity is to create abundant airflow and reduce the actual humidity around your body. And Zippkool Cooling Gear is the only product that will pump such abundance of air. While you may not feel like you're in airconditioned room, your body is able to vaporize sweat to release the heat as well as prevent heat build up. Oh and if you do have a wicking shirt, it's wise to wear it underneath the Zippkool Cooling Gear to speed things up.


As for ice vests (packs of ice or artificial frozen bars), they do a one hell of a job keeping you cooler - like keeping your body temperature down during a fever - but is only a quick fix and will not prevent heat-related illness. Best way to relieve heat and fever is to sweat it out, and evaporate sweat. 


If you work in a hot and humid environment (indoor/outdoor), give Zippkool Cooling Gear a try. You won't be disappointed. 


Above shows Techniche Hyperkewl temperature after 30 minute workout in 95F with 70% humidity (deep red: 99F, white: 102F)


Above shows Zippkool Cooling Gear temperature after 30 minute workout in 95F with 70% humidity (deep red: 99F, white: 102F, yellow: 93F green: 89F)

*Tested in Tokyo, Japan at SFT Laboratory Headquarters (Aug, 2018)