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Face Coverings Increase Risk of Heat Related Illnesses

While many construction projects remain open with various precautionary measures being taken to combat COVID-19, these measures are putting workers at risk of another illness common in the summer time.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, wearing face masks or covering decreases the body's ability to cool down, increasing the risk of heat related illness

This is especially the case for those with respiratory conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension. As you may be aware, these are the exact people who are at risk of COVID-19. 

The option of not wearing a mask is a non-starter, but workers and project managers must consider ways to keeping the workers stay cool this summer. There are already reports of increase in heat related illnesses this year, and it will only get worse.


There are many options to keep workers safe from the heat, such as taking frequent breaks, hydration and cooling gear at the job. ZIPPKOOL Cooling Gear will continue to provide solutions to protect workers at risk, and boost production to help businesses outperform during these difficult times.