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Hard Hat Cooler for Baseball Cap Style Helmets

The HVC Series (High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler Neck Shades with Fans) are designed to be used with the Full Brim hard hats.

The three clips that lock the neck shade onto the hard hat is best when there are places to clip on (like a brim).


With that being said, it is not impossible to clip it onto a Baseball cap-style hard hat. It just takes a little creativity.

On the baseball cap style hard hat, the first place to clip is easy, you got the brim on the front.

The question is the other two clips. For that, you look in the inside of the hard hat towards the neck rest area.

I have seen people actually clip it onto the plastic neck rest portion too. 

As long as you get two clips on the side towards the back of the hard hat, this thing will stay, and this will work.

If all of this doesn't work, you can always go with the HM-AC Series. Hard Hat Cooler for Half Brim (Baseball Cap Style) Hard Hats with Velcro belt to wrap it around the hard hat.