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How Cooling and Productivity are connected

"Why do we have to spoil our workers?"


That's the comment we sometimes get from owners and project managers when they hear or see our products.

Our response? Because "spoiling" your workers is actually going to save you money.


You see, heat-fatigue is kind of like alcohol. You really don't know that you're experiencing it until you make that mistake. We're not talking about crashing your car into the center-divider type of accident. We're talking about making a few drunk-dials to your ex - the stuff you wake up the next morning and say, "oh sh*t".

In construction, that means, using the wrong size bolt, forgetting to secure pieces of metal, or installing the wrong frame.  All of those "tiny" mistakes that result in re-do's, are a result of heat-fatigue. And those re-do's can be redone, but that's time lost on the project, lower productivity, and hopefully does not result in a larger problem like accidents.

By keeping your head cool with our hard hat cooler, or by keeping your body cool with our cooling vest, workers are less fatigued, less dehydrated, and more attentive. More energized and more accurate, meaning less tiny redo's. Workers have the attentiveness to watch out for the other guys in the crew meaning less major accidents.


Keep your workers cool, and it will pay off. 

HVN-510U High Visibility Cooling Vest with 20 hours of run time per charge


HVC-03L High Visibility hard hat cooler attachment for hard hats with 20 hours of run time per charge.