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Protecting Workers mean Cost Cutting

We understand that these are difficult times and financial resources are finite.

Initial investment for ZIPPKOOL Cooling Gear may seem steep, but there are data that show otherwise:


Higher Productivity:

As discussed in the previous post, it is evident that when workers have heat fatigue, they are required to take more frequent breaks, hydration, and less attentive. (to read the NASA Study, click here)

ZIPPKOOL will vaporize sweat around your body in time to reduce sweating, reducing the risk of dehydration but also keep workers more focused on the job. (and allow them to feel cooler)

Imagine if your entire crew takes less 10 minutes of break every single day. 
That can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per individual when wage-loss is calculated.


Less Accidents:

An average cost of "reported" heat-related illness is roughly around $50,000 per incident if hospitalization is required. Of course not all cases of heat-related illnesses are that severe, but cases of dehydration or mild heat-fatigue can require you to set up medical tents, send workers home, or potential citations from OSHA.

This is also not putting into consideration the increase cost of your annual Worker's Comp insurance.

2% increase on a multi-million dollar payroll can mean tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. 


Less Turnover

While labor force is replaceable, it comes at a steep price. Hiring a new worker means training, human resource fees, and termination costs (from your previous workers leaving).

Every year, thousands of workers leave their employers due to heat-related reasons. These workers are literally your muscles that get the job done and produce revenue. By valuing them and keeping them cool and safe, workers will answer to your care, with hard work.



Recent survey performed by ZIPPKOOL to customers show that:

HVN-500U Vest lasted on average 7 months (of use) before needing replacement (that is roughly around one and a half summer)

99% Lithium Ion Battery continues to work after 2 years of use (please note the product has only been out in the US for about 2 and a half years)

3% Fan replacement during the 2 and a half year period.

In short:

For the 97% of customers that have used our product for 2 and 1/2 years, it is still in tact.(albeit, need for a replacement vest after 1-2 years)

The R.O.I.

Our Cooling Gear is designed to last over 3 years, but even if it were to get "destroyed" in one year, the return on invest is huge.


Whether you are a large corporation of 500+ workforce, or a small sub contractor with crew of 10, we have incentives for employers who choose to increase their bottom line by keeping workers safe.

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Stay Cool, Get Job Done, Faster and Safer