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So what's the difference in the 03U, 03L, 03BL? (High Visibility Hard hat cooler attachment)

High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler attachment (HVC series) is the most popular product by ZIPPKOOL. It's no surprise. If you have worn a hard hat on the job, no body likes it. It gets extremely hot and sweat keeps on dripping on your face.

But with the HVC Series, you get continuous BREEZE in the hard hat. Who's going to complain to that?

So ZIPPKOOL, you guys have the HVC-03U, HVC-03L and HVC-03BL models.

What's the difference between these models?

From left to right:

HVC-03U AA battery box, HVC-03L Mini rechargeable, HVC-03BL Big rechargeable

To kind of give you an idea with the size, the AA Battery box is slightly bigger and MINI Rechargeable is slightly smaller than a cigarette pack. 


Here's the comparison:


Battery Type Weight (ounces)  Power Levels Battery Life at MAX power Battery Life at LOWEST Power Battery Life/Power at Recommended Power Setting
AA Battery Box (with 4 AA batteries) 5.8 ounces


8 Hours 20 Hours

8 Hours/

2 Gallons of air per second

MINI rechargeable lithium ion battery 5.2 ounces 5 6 Hours 24 Hours

12 Hours

2.7 Gallons of air per second

Big Rechargeable lithium ion battery 8.3 ounces 4 12 Hours 47 Hours

16 Hours

3.1 Gallons of air per second


Yes, the HVC-03U is roughly $40 to $50 cheaper than HVC-03L. But changing 4 AA batteries every 8 hours can get costly ($1 a day?). Keep in mind the HVC-03L and BL rechargeable battery lasts you roughly around 3 years or 1000 charges, AND give you 200% more air on the highest settings. (40~60% more airflow on recommended settings)

So the choice is really between the HVC-03L and BL. For that, it depends on how long your shift is. If your shift is under 12 hours, you are better off getting the MINI battery, considering the size and weight. Charging time from zero to 100 is only 3 hours, so if you can charge during your lunch break for about an hour, it should get you additional 2 to 3 hours.

But for extra hard-working guys, with 12 plus hour shifts, you deserve the BL. Just remember to charge it before you go to sleep. Charging time is about 5 hours.