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To Cotton or to Poly? Why long vs short-sleeve

The original ZIPPKOOL Cooling Jacket that is worn in Japan by over 2 million (mostly construction) users are either the Polyester model or the Cotton model. (Ironically, high visibility material is not yet a requirement in Japan)


So what is the difference between the Cotton/Polyester models?


100% Cotton (BM-500U and BMK-500U)

Cotton comes in Long Sleeve BM-500U and vest-type BMK-500U. The cotton fabric is a thin, lightweight yet durable fabric that will withstand most yard work, construction work, and other hard labor environments. Unlike the thick fabrics of leather and other materials, because the continual air circulation puffs up the jacket, nails and sharp material slides off the jacket without puncturing a hole.

The jacket can also be washed which means you do not have to worry about working in dirt and grime. 


100% Polyester (BP-500N)

While the Polyester is the thinner and the lighter of the two fabrics, it is still suitable for hard labor. Believe it or not, many construction workers in Japan opt for the Polyester because of the better UV protection and the lightness. 

Polyester, obviously will not withstand heat as well as the cotton. Meaning if you work in environment where tools get extremely hot, or you work with hot engine oil, Cotton is your choice. We normally recommend the Polyester for:

  • Yard work
  • Landscaping
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Jogging
  • Golfing

and other outdoor activities that could use some cooling off.

Polyester too, is washable and has been thoroughly tested up to 100 cycles.


Short Sleeve vs Long Sleeve



Your first impression may be: "That long sleeve looks awfully hot"

However, think of it this way. If you had a cooling fan on you, would you want it blowing just your chest or your entire upper body?

Keep in mind that our cooling jacket will circulate air EVERYWHERE that is covered with a fabric. (Sorry, cooling underwear and pants are not available YET)

So the longer sleeves means you'll get breeze flowing throughout your armpits to the wrist. Unless you HAVE TO wear the short sleeve, go with the long. You won't regret it.