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Effective Range

The maximum air conditioning capacity produced by the small fan attachment to the ZIPPKOOL® wearer is displayed in kcal (kilo-calorie) units. The kilocalorie unit display for the air conditioning capacity corresponds to the hourly thermogenic quantity produced (calorie consumption) by a single person during labor.

For example, a general adult is said to generate 260 kcal walking and 190-240 kcal for carpentry, so wearing the 500 kcal series ZIPPKOOL® wear will supply enough air conditioning for such tasks. However, since the attached fan utilizes ambient air to create the air circulation, the maximum air conditioning capacity per hour can vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Our displayed maximum air conditioning capacity (500 kcal/hr) is calculated upon ambient conditions meeting 33°C (91.4°F) / 50% humidity.

This is why ZIPPKOOL® technology is so effective at cooling

The following graph shows zones separated by temperature/humidity conditions that correspond to the effectiveness of the ZIPPKOOL® wear. Please refer to this graph upon considering the purchase or use of ZIPPKOOL®​ wear in various temperature/humidity conditions as well as type of labor.

A Zone: A temperature/humidity condition that will allow comfort for heavy-duty labor such as sawing.

B Zone: Can be effective for rather active tasks such as carpentry or walking at 5km/h (3.1 mph)

C Zone: Effective for still activities or lightweight tasks

D Zone:  Difficult to achieve cooling effect from ZIPPKOOL

E Zone: Cannot achieve any cooling effect from ZIPPKOOL 


  • DIY Projects
  • Yardwork, Gardening
  • Walks and Exercise
  • A/C substitute (Don't cool the entire house down, just cool yourself)


  • Logistics (Loading/Unloading)
  • Warehouse work
  • Factory work
  • Construction site work
  • Traffic Control, Traffic Management


  • Camping, hiking
  • Watching sport games
  • Fishing, Hunting
  • Golf