Q: Where do your products ship from?

A: We ship out from our California Warehouse.

Q: Do you have any distributors?

A: We are continuously expanding our distributor network. We currently have distributors in the following cities: Atlanta GA, Orlando FL, Jacksonville FL, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Lafayette LA, Southington CT, San Jose CA, Huntington Beach CA, San Diego CA. To receive business name and location, please contact us directly.

Q: I live outside of US/Canada/Mexico. Can I still order these?

A: Please contact us directly for the details.



Q: Are your products OSHA Compliant?

A: All of our products are OSHA Compliant to the Construction Industry for the following: High Visibility PPE, Fall Protection, and Head protection. However, your company may have separate safety regulations and we encourage you to consult with your Safety Manager regarding the use of our products.

Q: Is your product Fire Retardent/Arc Flash Safe?

A: No. Our current lineup is not FR nor Arc Flash safe. We are currently in the process of developing an ZIPPKOOL FR model.

Q: Is your product Intrinsically Safe?

A: No.

Q: Can I wear a harness with your product?

A: The HVN-510U and HVN-400U (High Visibility Cooling Vest) is compatible with a full body harness. In the back, there is a D-ring outlet that allows you to wear the harness underneath your vest.


HVN-510U and HVN-400U High Visibility Cooling Vest

Q: How long does the battery last per charge?

A: There are 4 adjustable power levels, and battery life vary between 6 hours per charge to 20 hours per charge.

Q: How durable is it?

A: Our products are designed for the construction industry. We consider it very durable. The vest is made with Ripstop fabric that do not rip easily. They can also be washed if needed. Many of our customers say they easily last one summer.

Q: If my vest gets too dirty or damaged, do I have to buy a new set?

A: No. You can purchase the replacement vest and continue to keep using the fans and batteries. Cables are included in the replacement vest.

Q: How long do the fans last?

A: Fan motors have a life of 2000 hours. (Nominal Value)

Q: How long does the Rechargeable battery last?

A: Our battery is thoroughly tested on a daily basis. Our latest figures indicate that these batteries are good for 700 charges at full capacity. Even at 1000 charges, they will retain 75% capacity. However, please make sure to charge them everyday after use, and during the winter when not in use, charge it once so the battery does not go completely empty.

Q: Can I wear my vest in the rain?

A: The High Visibility Vest is Waterproof. However, the battery is not. Please place the battery in the outer pocket or in the inner pocket to keep it dry. During a light rain you can continue to operate the fans. If it is raining too hard, we recommend to shut it down.

Q: Can you wash the vest?

A: Yes, per ANSI rules, it is good for 25 Cycles. Machine wash cold with detergent. Do not tumble dry, but hang dry them. They should dry rather quickly.

Q: Can you wash the fans?

A: No, you can't wash the fans with water. Please use a clean cloth to wipe off the dirt.

Q: How heavy is the vest?

A: The vest with the fans are about 14 ounces. Most customers say they do not feel the weight. The battery is another 8 ounces but you can clip it onto your belt loop/tool belt which eliminates the drag. 


HVC-03 High Visibility Hard Hat Cooler Attachment (Neck Shade)

Q: Does this give me air in the neck?

A: This will give you air in the neck, but most importantly, send air into your hard hat.

Q: Can this be put on any hard hat?

A: This is designed for standard full brim hard hats, but we have seen it work on some baseball cap style hard hats. If you have baseball cap style hard hats, we recommend the HM-AC Series.

Q: How heavy is this product?

A: The attachment is about 7 ounces. You might feel a little bit of weight in the back, but most of our customers say the airflow inside the hard hat outweighs the weight.

Q: What's the difference between AA model and Lithium ion battery model?

A: Several differences: 1) You get much more airflow with the rechargeable lithium ion battery (up to 250%), and 2) Longer life. AA Battery will get you 8 Hours on High, but you'll get 12 Hours on an equivalent setting (Standard) with the Rechargeable lithium ion battery. You also do not need to change batteries.

Q: I bought the AA Battery model, can I upgrade it?

A: Yes, all you have to purchase is the LI-PRO1U or the LIMINI01 and they will work with your hard hat cooler.

Q: My Safety Manager tells me I can't mount the battery on the hard hat.

A: No worries, included are extension cables so that you can carry them on your belt. 

Q: How heavy is the battery pack? 

A: AA Battery pack when loaded, is about 5.5 ounces. The MINI Rechargeable battery is 5.3 ounces. The LI-PRO1U Standard size Rechargeable battery is 7 ounces.

Q: I am not feeling much air coming into the hard hat.

A: Make sure that it is installed properly. You have to cover the size adjuster with the air pocket. See the youtube video for details: 

Q: Can I wash it?

A: Fans and cables come off, and you can wash the fabric portion.



Q: Do your products come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all of our products come with a 6 month Full and 1 year limited warranty for defects. 



Q: I want to purchase in bulk. Do you have better pricing?

A: Yes, we have various bulk discounts. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: So what does a bulk mean?

A: We want to ensure small businesses are taken care of. Our bulk begins at quantity of 10.


Have any other questions?

Just contact us at zippkool@seft.co.jp