Our Mission

Ecological Sustainability | Safety | Efficiency 

SFT Laboratory's mission is to look ahead to 100 years and bring ecologically sustainable products to the world. We believe we can make an effective change in various work environments such as agricultural, construction, roadwork and so on, by introducing the ZIPPKOOL® products.

We strongly believe that the introduction of ZIPPKOOL® Products into these work environments will not only allow workers to work more comfortably in their work environments but go further as to increase productivity, efficiency, and protection against heat-related illness.

Research by multiple institutions are currently in the process, on top of our own clinical research data. We aim to work closely with insurance companies and government agencies so that our products bring protection and comfort not only to the workers who wear them, but also benefits for business owners who choose to protect their workers.



*SFT Laboratory is the sole proprietor and inventor of ZIPPKOOL® Products (KUCHOUFUKU in Japan).