Our Technology


1) By circulating air within the jacket, it completely vaporizes any sweat.

2) The amount of calories burned to vaporize 100 cc of sweat (water) is equal to thawing 800 grams of ice.

3) Humans have a natural ability to cool their bodies. The brain processes information from the heat detecting sensor from the body and produces the amount of sweat required to cool the body down.

4)  Fresh air is required to vaporize sweat. If fresh air flows parallel to the body surface, sweat will vaporize completely.

5) Even if we drink plenty of water, it will only turn into sweat without air circulation, and the body will not cool down.

6) ZIPPKOOL®​ can generate plenty of fresh air circulation that runs parallel to the body.

Comparative graph of heat production:

Desk Work: 100kcal/hr 

Walking: 200kcal/hr

Labor: 450kcal/hr

Running: 600kcal/hr




Humans have an ideal body cooling function with the brain as the control (skin and body as the temperature sensor, sweat glands play a role of micro-cooler, and produces amounts of sweat from the sweat glands demanded by the brain and controls body temperature with the vaporized heat of the sweat). However this physiological cooler has no ability to blow air over the body surface to vaporize sweat, and the effective thermal range is rather narrow. The ZIPPKOOL®products widen the effect of this physiological cooling function by utilizing a fan that blows air parallel to the body surface.

The following diagram exemplifies the the difference between comfort levels.  The left figure is when dressed in general clothing. The horizontal axis is temperature, and the left vertical axis signifies heat and coldness people feel, while the right vertical axis represents the amount of perspiration.
There are slight differences among individuals, but in the cold zone A, (20 ℃ or less) perspiration cannot be detected. B is the comfort zone (20 ~ 26 ℃). The brain does command perspiration in this zone, but due to low quantity it evaporates immediately and the body temperature remains just right. In the C zone, the brain demands the body to cool more and since there is higher production of sweat, a portion that could not completely evaporate becomes liquid.
Since the body cannot cool down unless sweat is vaporized, when "sweat" formsin its liquid form as we know it--a sign of going beyond the capacity of the physiological cooling range--it gives us a sensation of hot discomfort.

The figure below shows the range of comfort expanded while ZIPPKOOL
® is worn and there is plenty of air flow running parallel to the body since complete evaporation of sweat = physiological cooling working effectively = comfort. Air conditioners are functional as a means to adjust the environmental temperature to a range in which our physiological cooler functions, while the ZIPPKOOL®​ widens the temperature range in which our physiological cooler works. Either way, the condition to attain comfort is dependent on our physiological cooler working effectively.